Advanced Renewable Biofuels
Red Rock Biofuels is developing processing plants to convert woody biomass into renewable, drop-in diesel and jet fuels.


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Lake County Examiner: Planning Commisions Approve Red Rock Land Use Application

Global Trade Magazine:
FedEx Plans Future of Aviation with Biofuels

FedEx News Release:
FedEx plans to deliver 'future of aviation' with biofuels drive

FedEx Global Citizenship Report:
What does a forester in Oregon have in common with aircraft mechanics students in Turkey?

Press Release: Strong 2015 Places Joule as a Global Leader in Scalable Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel Technologies

FedEx Blog: Biofuels Take Flight with FedEx [Infographic]

Press Release: Joule and Red Rock Biofuels Announce Intent to Merge, Creating Industry-Leading Carbon-Neutral Fuel Production Platform

Colorado Public Radio: Airlines Take Off With Pine Needles and Bark in the Tank

Portland Business Journal: Biofuel from new $200M Southern Oregon plant destined for FedEx jet engines

Denver Business Journal: Red Rock Biofuels to power FedEx jets under new contract   

Biomass Magazine: Red Rock Biofuels to provide biobased jet fuel to FedEx Express

GreenBiz: Red Rock Biofuels readies 'fuel from forests' for takeoff

Xconomy: Red Rock Biofuels Raises Cash, Gets Ready for First Refinery
Portland Business Journal:
Boston Firm Backs Lakeview's $200M Biomass Plan

Denver Business Journal: Red Rock Biofuels Lands New Money, New Partner

Press Release: Investment from Flagship Ventures Brings Red Rock Biofuels Closer to Construction of its First Commercial Biofuel Refinery

Denver Business Journal:  Red Rock Biofuels Lands Contracts with Southwest Airlines, Feds

Southwest Airlines:  Southwest Airlines Announces Purchase Agreement With Red Rock Biofuels

Biofuels Digest:  Inside the US Navy’s new cost-competitive military biofuels program

White HouseBiofuels and Our Clean Energy Future

Oxford Catalysts Group: Oxford Catalysts Selected for Design of 1,100 bpd BTL Plant

Biomass Magazine: Department of Defense Contract Awarded to Red Rock Biofuels

Biofuels International: Military Biofuels Project Chooses Producer

Biofuels Digest: Red Rock Biofuels Receives $4.1 million Military Contract

Northern Colorado Business Report: Fort Collins Biofuels Firm Receives $4.1M Federal Contract

Office of Senator Mark Udall: Udall: Fort Collins Company's Biofuels Contract Shows How New Energy Tech Creates Jobs While Strenthening National Security
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