Advanced Renewable Biofuels

Red Rock Biofuels (“RRB”) was founded in 2011 and is positioned to be the leading producer of drop-in, renewable, low-carbon jet and diesel fuels. With broad international agreement in the aviation industry for carbon-free growth beyond 2020 under CORSIA, airlines are actively seeking low-carbon jet fuel to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The civil aviation industry alone will require ~1.5 billion gallons per year of new renewable jet fuel production capacity to meet this commitment. The U.S. military has also emerged as a major driver in the renewable jet and diesel fuel markets.  The U.S. Navy has a goal to meet 50% of its total energy needs from alternative sources by 2020, which equates to a requirement for 336 million gallons per year, evenly split between aviation fuel and marine diesel. To meet these high demands for low-carbon renewable fuels, RRB will build a global portfolio of biorefineries to convert waste woody biomass into renewable jet and diesel fuels.

Through a proprietary integration of existing technologies, RRB makes the long-commercialized Fischer-Tropsch process economic at the biomass scale.  And by using forest and sawmill residues, we will not only avoid competition for agricultural resources, but also reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires by removing waste biomass from overgrown forests.

Lakeview Project Summary:

RRB’s first project in Lakeview, Oregon is shovel-ready, with all major permits issued.

  • Project: Convert 136,000 tons of waste woody biomass into 15.1 million gallons/year of renewable fuels.
  • Site: Lakeview, OR is fully permitted and ideally situated in large wood basket, next to interstate nat gas pipeline, State Highway 395, and adjacent to short line rail feeding the UP mainline.
  • Process Design: World class – Fluor. Incorporates three known technologies – gasification, Fischer- Tropsch, and hydroprocessing. Yields ASTM-approved fuels currently in use globally.
  • Fuel Offtakes: World class – Southwest Airlines and FedEx as offtake partners.
  • Funding Sources: Project funded by a combination of bonds and equity.
  • Strong Management Team: Track record of delivering projects under budget, ahead of schedule, and producing over nameplate capacity. Developed/financed/built 8 renewable fuel plants; >$650 million in construction value; >325 million gal/yr.
  • EPC:  Contract with IR1 Group

Employment Opportunities:

For Information regarding employment opportunities for construction, please email

We are not accepting plant operation employment applications at this time  Please check back at a later date.
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